Global Adventure And Logistic Group AS

  • Private Jet & other AOC options

    For customers which desires private transportation combined with a high level of comfort and flexibility we can access 2 Learjets 35 A Type. In their luxurious cabins can be 6 passenger accommodated and a pleasant journey is guaranteed in that way of traveling. For either vacation, and business trips as well this is a very […]

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  • Pilots & Instructors

    Inside the small & medium aviation both is a dilemma, finding pilots with experience and getting work as young pilot which we call “low-timer”. Under the pressure of high competition, increasing demands by the authorities and an not equally climbing remuneration level it is very important for air operators to maintain a certain efficiency without […]

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  • Aircraft Maintenance

    The condition of an aircraft is besides the crew & procedures the most important requirement to consider for a safe flight operation. Scheduled & un-scheduled maintenance are never to be underestimated and it is very important having access to professional workshops and certifying staff. We are holding strong and wide connections to maintenance shops and […]

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