Global Adventure And Logistic Group AS

  • Private Jet & other AOC options

    For customers which desires private transportation combined with a high level of comfort and flexibility we can access 2 Learjets 35 A Type. In their luxurious cabins can be 6 passenger accommodated and a pleasant journey is guaranteed in that way of traveling. For either vacation, and business trips as well this is a very […]

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  • Mallorca | A very different and active island adventure

    We want your visit to Mallorca to be an unforgettable and unique experience, far away from stereotypes of massive tourism and boring excursions where you will be just one more client. We & our partners knows your time and money are valuable and that is why we want to reward you for your confidence in […]

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  • Norway | Flightseeing over Scandinavian skies

    Traveling by aeroplane to different destinations became a common standard. In most of the cases a very comfortable and quick transport from A to B. But often we do not pay too much attention to the surrounding as such. Once arrived at the hopefully correct destination the ordinary way of activities will be done in […]

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