Global Adventure And Logistic Group AS

  • Thomas Risch, our Head of Sales & Project Manager, is the first point of contact for our clients.

    His more than 15 years of experience in the aerial survey industry consist of a universial scope of experience. This starts with land survey and leads over to a participating in the exciting times of the very first digital camera system. In addition to spending many many hours in the aircraft knowing the data aquisition by heart, comes a broad experience in the production of this data, and managing such departments. This chapter finals up in the aviation part of this business and has developped into one of his main passions.

    His second passion is owned by Spitsbergen and the expedition industry.
    Creating unique travel adventures for customers, away from the beaten tracks, is his favorite part in that.

    Thomas and his business partner are both famous for their dedication to the job and attention to details. Their professional and service-oriented approach to their work is greatly appreciated by their clients.

    Thomas Risch , Owner & Project Manager
  • Doreen Lampe, our Head of office, comes originally from Stralsund in northern Germany. She is Norwegian now, and has been living in Norway for over 20 years.

    She share the same passion in Spitsbergen and the expeditions industry as such.

    In addition Doreen is an accredited guide with many years of tour experience both summer and winter time.

    Knowing both sides of a challanging expedition, which is the practic and the legal part, increases her experience unestimateable and really sharpened her view on details.

    Having this knowledge and the fact that she is a constructive counterpart to her business partner, makes Thomas & Doreen become a well adjusted team.

    Doreen is easily recognizable by her ever-present smile; she truly loves her work.

    Doreen Lampe , Owner & Legal Affairs
  • Alexander Markus Lembke is a professional photographer working in the range of landscape photography, documentation and photo reportage. Specialized in the northern hemisphere he prefers working at temperature below zero. He has worked from 2006 to 2012 as head of the department of photography at Faculty of Media at Bauhaus-University Weimar, Germany. He also has international teaching experience by consistently teaching workshops at several universities abroad.

    These capabilities, together with his wide experience in extensive cruise and land expeditions makes him become our swiss army knife when it comes to specialized projects and expeditions.

    We are very proud to have Alexander in our team and he will be happy to serve our guests & customers with their special project.

    Alexander Lembke , Professional Photographer & Expedition Responsible

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